Unleashing your Soul

Power, Purpose, Passion

Soul Rehab is an Intensive 3-month journey centered on you.

In the process of living, in an attempt to survive life, our mind creates processes and programs that may have worked in the past to keep us safe but are no longer effective. Also, in this process our mind stores emotions in our body as a way to remember "why" the specific process or program is necessary.

These emotions become trapped energy that then unconsciously attracts those same or similar experiences and all of this runs out of awareness or unconsciously in your subconscious mind without you even knowing it.

In Soul Rehab, we work through your subconscious mind clearing and reprogramming your mind leaving you with peace of mind, freedom to be and the power to create!

The 6 Step Soul Process







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The Soul Rehab: A 3-Month Intensive Journey

Unlocking Your Potential, Redefining Your Path

1. Deep Dive into Self-Discovery:

  • Initial Assessment and Personalization: We begin with an in-depth evaluation to understand your unique needs and goals. This sets the foundation for a personalized journey.
  • Uncovering Mental and Emotional Blocks: Through a series of sessions, we identify and address the hidden mental and emotional barriers that hinder your progress.

2. Healing and Transformation:

  • Subconscious Mind Work: Utilizing advanced techniques like hypnotherapy, we delve into your subconscious to unearth and resolve deep-seated issues.
  • Emotional Release and Energy Clearing: Techniques to identify and release trapped emotions in your body, freeing you from the cycles of negative attraction.

3. Reprogramming for Success:

  • Mind Reprogramming Sessions: Employing a blend of hypnosis and coaching, we rewire your thought patterns to align with your aspirations.
  • Empowerment Workshops: Interactive sessions designed to equip you with tools and strategies for ongoing personal or business growth.

4. Support and Guidance:

  • Regular Check-ins and Support: Throughout the journey, you’ll have access to regular check-ins, ensuring a supportive and responsive experience.
  • Access to Exclusive Resources: Members receive curated materials, including guided meditations, educational content, and more.

5. Culmination and Continuation:

  • Final Evaluation: A comprehensive review at the end of the program to measure progress and set future goals.
  • Post-Membership Plan: We provide a tailored plan to help maintain and build upon the progress made, ensuring lasting change.

What’s included:

  • 12 Sessions which includes coaching, hypnosis and/or hypnotherapy. (Duration: 1.5 - 2hrs) Value $3,600.00
  • A comprehensive 30 page, in-depth personality/numerology reading that reveals over 40 aspects in your chart, including several not found in any other numerology reading. Value $150.00
  • Text/Email support in-between sessions Value $250.00
  • A Specialized Hypnosis recording created specifically for your 3 month journey to listen to multiple times per week. Value $150.00


Tiffany only works with a small amount of people individually due to the mental, emotional and spiritual commitment she has for each and every one of her soul members and she is very passionate about supporting and empowering her soul members on their journey towards wholeness.

This journey may be one of the most difficult and challenging and journey's of your life because your greatest adversary is you! It will take Courage, Commitment, Strength and Faith to push through the Pain to get to the other side and YOU WILL WANT TO GIVE UP AND QUIT!

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